Damask Vocal Quartet

O schöne Nacht

The Damask Vocal Quartet releases their first album, O schöne Nacht, on 7 Mountain Records! And, frankly, it is utterly ‘schön’ what the four singers and pianist Flore Merlin have accomplished. True unity, vocal power and easiness and full devotion to the music of Brahms and his lesser-known contemporaries Herzogenberg, Jenner and Kirchner.

Damask believes the vocal quartet should be seen more as chamber music than it is now, it is about coherence and communication and that’s exactly what this CD is about. So, four singers of the highest level, a breathtaking Flore Merlin on a 1868 Streicher grand Brahms used himself, and you’re safe and sound for a great listening experience.

Release 30 November!