Caspar Vos


Catalonian composer Frederic Mompou is a musical gem. His repertoire isn’t that huge, but we think it’s musical heritage on piano music from the first half of the 20th C. is massive. However, his usually brief and ‘simple on the ear’ compositions are quite fragile as well. To dig up the hidden beauty of Mompou’s immensely silent and at moments lonely music asks for deep piano wizardry. Caspar Vos’ inimitable fine touch, along with his long lasting love for Mompou, recorded in the finest hall in The Netherlands takes you on a compelling journey through his music.

This second 7MNTN album of Vos is about how music can be empty and profoundly satisfying simultaneously. With the careful selection of the pieces from Mompou’s repertoire for solo piano, all clear to follow but much harder to pin down, Restart became a CD that’s about the charm of simplicity in a world that has become increasingly more complex. It became a call for reverie.


1.Música callada: I. Angelico
2.Impressions íntimes: I. Plany: lento cantabile espressivo
3.Impressions íntimes: II. Plany: larguetto
4.Impressions íntimes: III. Plany: gracioso
5.Impressions íntimes: IV. Plany: agitato
6.Impressions íntimes: V. Ocell trist
7.Impressions íntimes: VII. Bressol
8.Impressions íntimes: VIII. Secret
9.El plany del captaire
10.Cançons i danses: I. Quasi moderato
11.Cançons i danses: IV. Moderato
12.Cançons i danses: V. Lento liturgico
13.Cançons i danses: VI. Cantabile espressivo
14.Cançons i danses: VII. Lento
15.Cançons i danses: VIII. Moderato cantabile con sentimento
16.Cançons i danses: X. Larghetto molto cantabile
17.Paisatges: I. La font i la campana
18.Paisatges: II. El llac
19.Paisatges: III. Carros de Galícia
20.Música callada: XXVIII. Lento