Robin Coops & René van Munster

All the Pleasures

Album description:
All the Pleasures is an album inspired by different songs of the 17th-century English composer Henry Purcell, in which themes such as the night, sensuality and lust are recontextualised through a nocturnal melange of voices, cello and electronica. It is a collaboration between multimedia artist-singer Robin Coops and cellist-producer René van Munster. The two started working together during the 2020 pandemic, inspired by the timelessness of Purcell’s sensual lyrics. Exchanging ideas and sending recordings back and forth, this virtual exchange in turn inspired an overlapping theme of sensuality within cyberspace, which will be explored in a film that will be published in 2024 as an accompaniment to the album, made entirely in VR-chat by Coops.

This album transcends boundaries of genre and shows that Purcell’s lyrics belong as much in 17th century opera as they do in a modern-day club setting. The night is now. Welcome to All the Pleasures.

Album release: 29 September 2023


Featuring musicians:
Robin Coops: arrangements, vocals, synth & software programming
René van Munster: arrangements, cello, synth & software programming
Lisa Kokwenda: harpsichord

Productional credits:
Recordings instruments and vocals by: Frerik de Jong
Mixed by: Frerik de Jong (all tracks), Mucky/ Reynard Bargmann (track 1,2,5,9)
Mastered by: Frerik de Jong
Artwork by: Robin Coops

photo by Eric van den Elsen



5.Now the Night
10.Pleasant Shades