Ebonit Saxophone Quartet


The internationally highly regarded Ebonit Saxophone Quartet presents their new CD Arabesque on 7 Mountain Records! Debussy, Janáček and Saint-Saëns, they’re known, of course, but on four saxophones? It works brilliantly, period. 

The arrangements, done by the quartet, let the bariton, tenor, alto and soprano sax blend and combine like a piano. Fin-de-sciècle on instruments that then nearly existed – some risks have been taken by this brave ensemble!

Powerful and transparent, moving and massive, Ebonit has it all. Enjoy music making by the finest young musicians around, they present you a never static and always joyful listening experience.

No wonder this fairly young saxophone quartet gained so much positive attention already. We’re immensely proud to present this album.



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4 stars @ De Volkskrant, December ’18: ‘Pure magic.’

4 stars @ NRC, October ’18: ‘Arrangements sound like how Debussy intended them.’

Nederlands Dagblad, October ’18: The members of this quartet make you forget quickly the music wasn’t written for them originally.’

Music Emotion, November ’18: The sounds coming from my speakers appear to be liquid.’



1.Masques (C. Debussy)
2.Rêverie (C. Debussy)
3.Symphony in B minor (C. Debussy)
4.2 Arabesques: No.1 in E major (C. Debussy)
5.2 Arabesques: No.2 in G major (C. Debussy)
6.In the Mists: I. Andante (L. Janáček)
7.In the Mists: II. Molto adagio (L. Janáček)
8.In the Mists: III. Andantino (L. Janáček)
9.In the Mists: IV. Presto (L. Janáček)
10.Divertissement (C. Debussy)
11.Danse Macabre (C. Saint-Saëns)