Arthur Klaassens

Arthur Klaassens is a musician with broad interests and a deep commitment to creating unique music. He works with almost all the major orchestras and ensembles of the Netherlands, as well as appearing as a soloist and a chamber musician.

Being equally at home playing in the studio, in living rooms or in large concert halls, Arthur likes working with other artists to create new music, and showing his own fresh takes on existing music by writing new arrangements. His ‘solo’ (you’ll hear him at moments no less than 40 times via overdub recording techniques) album Ratio is a very fine proof of that, with arrangements and recompositions of very large choral and intimate solo pieces. Another vivid example is his Trio Cortado, a woodwind ensemble whose debut album Couleur Locale is also available on 7 Mountain Records. For the Belinfante String Quartet Arthur wrote a new composition of a range of Renaissance songs, their CD Ellipse on 7 Mountain Records have received an Edison Award nomination in 2023.

Critics have praised Arthur’s feeling for color and style, in both playing and arranging. While working on this album, composer Steve Reich said: “Mr. Klaassens is an excellent musician and his arrangement of New York Counterpoint is very good”.

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Photo credit: Jasper Grijpink