Oerknal Ensemble


7 Mountain Records is honored to release Canto, the second album of the renowned Oerknal Ensemble!

This album features music by the iconoclastic American composer Lewis Nielson. Canto is an immersive and scintillating auditory trip for aficionados and less-experienced listeners alike. Throughout all the works presented on this album, Nielson asks the ensemble members to sing, often while playing their instruments. The effect is voodoo, creating layered musical textures and shimmering harmonies. Performed and recorded with the utmost sincerity and care, Canto became a resonant and moving musical portrait of one of the most unique living composers.

Release on 15 October 2021

1.Cilice: I. Maceratio I
2.Cilice: II. Poenitentia I
3.Cilice: III. Peccata I
4.Cilice: IV. Poenitentia II
5.Cilice: V. Peccata II
6.Cilice: VI. Poenitentia III
7.Cilice: VII. Peccata III
8.Cilice: VIII. Poenitentia IV
9.Cilice: IX. Maceratio II
10.Crisis of conscience
11.You Choose