Hannah Koob

Die Fremde

We are very happy to release the shining debut album Die Fremde of Hannah Koob. Koob is a young Dutch-German top saxophonist who dedicates herself with immense energy to play unexplored repertoire for saxophone.

Die Fremde is a musical expedition along music that has a gloomy but evermore cheerful timbre. Virtuoso solo playing in the rarely performed The Stranger by the Dutchman Hans Kox, this is only the 2nd studio recording of the piece, in which Koob shows the extreme limits of the melodic and dynamic range of her alto saxophone. Lyricism and fluent interplay between piano and saxophone in the Partita by Erwin Dressel and compelling harmonies and ditto melody in Henk Badings’ La Malinconia.

Two commissioned compositions complete this energetic and infectious debut: the cinematic Andante by Leonard Küßner and Halvdager by Andreas van Zoelen, the latter in the beautiful, rarely heard combination of saxophone and harmonium.

Release dates:
Physical: 12 November 2021
Digital: 26 November 2021


1.La Malinconia (Badings)
2.Partita für Altsaxophon und Klavier: I. Prélude-Allemande (Dressel)
3.Partita für Altsaxophon und Klavier: II. Canzone
4.Partita für Altsaxophon und Klavier: III. Courante
5.Partita für Altsaxophon und Klavier: IV. Pavane
6.Partita für Altsaxophon und Klavier: V. Gigue
7.Andante für Altsaxophon und Klavier (Küßner)
8.The Stranger: Introduction (Kox)
9.The Stranger: I. Allegro
10.The Stranger: II. Presto
11.The Stranger: III. Andante molto
12.The Stranger: IV. Andantino
13.The Stranger: V. Con fantasia
14.The Stranger: VI. Tempo giusto
15.The Stranger: VII. Tempo primo
16.The Stranger: VIII. Furioso
17.The Stranger: IX. Larghetto
18.The Stranger: X. Largo
19.The Stranger: XI. Adagio con gran espressione
20.The Stranger: XII. Epilogue
21.Halvdager (Van Zoelen)