Dorothea Herbert & Peter Nilsson

Die stille Stadt

German soprano Dorothea Herbert submerged herself into the quietness we’ve all encountered during the COVID lockdowns. Society became to a full stop, an of course tragic time but also one that offered introspection. Die stille Stadt gives musical expression to that and became an album with a radiating program consisting of music by the unfortunately still underrated Alma Mahler, two breathtaking song cycles by Erich Korngold (including the famous aria ‘Glück, das mir verblieb’ from Die tote Stadt), completed by a selection of very powerful and illustrative songs by Franz Schreker.

The piano part is taken care of by the legendary Peter Nilsson, the third 7MNTN album already on which he appears.

Die stille Stadt is an album that will move many lovers of vocal recitals, due to its resonant and exclusive musical character with not too often heard repertoire.

Out 10 September 2021

1.5 Lieder: I. Die stille Stadt (A. Mahler)
2.Meine Nächte (A. Mahler)
3.4 Gesänge: III. Ansturm (A. Mahler)
4.5 Gesänge: II. Ekstase (A. Mahler)
5.5 Gesänge: III. Der Erkennende (A. Mahler)
6.4 Lieder: I. Licht in der Nacht (A. Mahler)
7.5 Lieder, Op.4: III. Wohl fühl ich, wie das Leben rinnt (F. Schreker)
8.5 Lieder, Op.4: I. Unendliche Liebe (F. Schreker)
9.Drei Lieder: III. Vernichtet ist mein Lebensglück (F. Schreker)
10.Fünf Gesänge: III. Die Dunkelheit sinkt schwer wie Blei (F. Schreker)
11.Acht Lieder, Op.7: III. Traum (F. Schreker)
12.Acht Lieder, Op.7: IV. Spuk (F. Schreker)
13.Zwei Lieder, Op.2: II. Stimmen des Tages (F. Schreker)
14.Unvergänglichkeit, Op.27: I. Unvergänglichkeit I (E. Korngold)
15.Unvergänglichkeit, Op.27: II. Das eilende Bächlein (E. Korngold)
16.Unvergänglichkeit, Op.27: III. Das schlafende Kind (E. Korngold)
17.Unvergänglichkeit, Op.27: IV. Stärker als der Tod (E. Korngold)
18.Unvergänglichkeit, Op.27: V. Unvergänglichkeit II (E. Korngold)
19.3 Lieder, Op.22: I. Was Du mir bist... (E. Korngold)
20.3 Lieder, Op.22: II. Mit Dir zu schweigen (E. Korngold)
21.3 Lieder, Op.22: III. Welt ist stille eingeschlafen (E. Korngold)
22.Die tote Stadt, Op.12, Akt 1: Glück, das mir verblieb (E. Korngold)