Nadezda Filippova

Echo Chambers

With the new album “Echo Chambers,” Dutch-based pianist Nadezda Filippova pays tribute to Claude Debussy and her former professor Willem Brons. Both played influential roles in Filippova’s musical success and development. The visceral qualities of Debussy’s music, the vibrant colors that you can almost touch, serve as a blueprint in Filippova’s approach to music. Thanks to Willem Brons, Filippova discovered the richness of this great French composer, whose music not only enriched her brilliant playing but also deepened her understanding of music and structure.

Echo Chambers is a truly personal album that invites the listener to reinvent their knowledge of Debussy. Some of his well-appreciated and some of his lesser-known works are on the disc, embraced by two magnetic compositions from the present: one by Vanessa Lann and the other by Juan Felipe Waller.

Release: 22 March 2024

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photo by Allard Willemse