Sterre Konijn


With great pleasure we present you een (Dutch for ‘one’ or ‘altogether’) by Dutch multi-talent Sterre Konijn. Sterre is an intriguing creator that harmoniously connects different art disciplines with each other. On this shimmering solo debut, a cyclical program is being displayed about solidarity versus loneliness. Being immersed in someone or something and what happens when you’re not able to find that. Een is located on a border between music and theater, with highly personal, often self-composed or arranged repertoire. Special instrumentations such as theremin & double bass or organ & voice are sought out and performed by young top musicians, each with a different musical background and a strong desire to join musically.

Truly a touching album with a present-day thematic but a timeless message of human-beings seeking for connection.

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1.An Onion of no Return (T. Deligiannis)
2.Siete Canciones Populares Españolas: V. Nana (M. De Falla)
3.Romanian Folk Dances: III. Pe loc (B. Bartók)
4.Musa (S. Konijn)
5.Tonada da Luna Llena (S. Díaz)
6.O die Halfmaan (S. Konijn)
7.Ek Herhaal Jou (S. Konijn)
8.L’Amor che Move (S. Konijn)
9.Toun en Klkhen (trad.)
10.Akhmatova Songs: I. Dante (J. Tavener)
11.Y Después (L. Andriessen)
12.Desierto (S. Konijn)
13.Alfonsina y el Mar (A. Ramirez)
14.The Open Road: XIV. To That Which Is Endless (K. Moore)
15.Tout dit (Camille)