Caspar Vos


We’re excited to announce our 11th release: the debut album of Caspar Vos, called Ego.

The ingrediënts: a pianist who deserves the spotlights (Caspar), one thrilling composer (Nikolai Medtner), a Steinway D grand that sings and all of this captured in a very fine hall in Holland.

Although we’ve named it Ego we don’t release a selfish portrait of this young piano master. Quite the contrary. We think it is an ego-document at it’s finest: a performance by an honest pianist who contemplates his spirit via the music of Medtner.

Indulge yourself with the Nightwind Sonata opus 25/2, the Sonata-Skazka opus 25/1 and the Skazki opus 26. Colourful (and quite unknown) music asking for musical skills and imagination played with utter admiration.



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Gramophone, June ’18: ‘Vos conveys the sense of surge and repose, mystery and exaltation that is such a hallmark of this composer.’

’10’ (highest rating) @ Luister, June ’18: ‘This CD makes you dizy and warm.’

4 stars @ De Volkskrant, Februay ’18: ‘Vos keeps track on the different layers in the music fabulously.’

Nederlands Dagblad, February ’18: ‘Wonderful performance of this beautiful and unknown music.’

Trouw, February ’18: ‘This CD is a cracking achievement.’


1.Sonata-Skazka in C minor, Op.25-1: I. Allegro abbandonamente
2.Sonata-Skazka in C minor, Op.25-1: II. Andantino con moto
3.Sonata-Skazka in C minor, Op.25-1: III. Allegro con spirito
4.Skazki, Op.26: I. Allegretto frescamente
5.Skazki, Op.26: II. Molto vivace
6.Skazki, Op.26: III. Narrante a piacere
7.Skazki, Op.26: IV. Sostenuto
8.Sonata in E minor ‘Night Wind’, Op.25-2: Introduzione: Andante — Allegro
9.Sonata in E minor ‘Night Wind’, Op.25-2: Allegro molto sfrenatamente, presto