Jeannette van Schaik & Peter Nilsson


Super soprano Jeannette van Schaik together with one of the finest pianists for song repertoire Peter Nilsson, bring their duo debut Elysium at our label! And the result is just plain heavenly. Which actually is what we were aiming for, because the connecting line on this disc is this divine and mystical place, which the Old Greek called… Elysium. Be prepared for a colourful, fairy-like but also at times very robust and intense musical journey through the quite unknown music by Ottorino Respighi, Erich Korngold and more familiar (epic) songs by Richard Strauss. Lush acoustics, never any shortage of vocal power and piano resonance, sit back and let this one submerge you.

Out 25 September!

1.Deità Silvane: I Fauni (Respighi)
2.Deità Silvane: II. Musica in horto (Respighi)
3.Deità Silvane: III. Egle (Respighi)
4.Deità Silvane: IV. Acqua (Respighi)
5.V. Crepuscolo (Respighi)
6.Ombra di nube (Refice)
7.Nebbie (Respighi)
8.Tempi assai lontani (Respighi)
9.Abschiedslieder Op.14: I. Sterbelied (Korngold)
10.Abschiedslieder Op.14: II. Dies eine kann mein Sehnen nimmer fassen (Korngold)
11.Abschiedslieder Op.14: III. Mond, so gehst du wieder auf (Korngold)
12.Abschiedslieder Op.14: IV. Gefaßter Abschied (Korngold)
13.Mädchenblumen Op.22: I. Kornblumen (Strauss)
14.Mädchenblumen Op.22: II. Mohnblumen (Strauss)
15.Mädchenblumen Op.22: III. Epheu (Strauss)
16.Mädchenblumen Op.22: IV. Wasserrose (Strauss)
17.Vier Lieder Op.36: I. Das Rosenband (Strauss)
18.Letzte Blätter Op.10: III. Die Nacht (Strauss)
19.Letzte Blätter Op.10: IV. Die Georgine (Strauss)
20.Letzte Blätter Op.10: VII. Die Zeitlose (Strauss)
21.Letzte Blätter Op.10: VIII. Allerseelen (Strauss)
22.Vier Lieder Op.27: IV. Morgen (Strauss)