Daniël van der Hoeven


Pianist Daniël van der Hoeven once again immerses himself in the fascinating musical world of Johann Sebastian Bach on his second album on 7 Mountain Records. However, it is not an average program for keyboard instrument, but 3 arrangements of the 3 Violin Sonatas by the grand master. One is by Bach himself (the arrangement of the 2nd sonata), the other two by the American composer David Schulenberg.

Bach’s violin sonatas have famous reinterpretations by Busoni and Rachmaninov. Schulenberg’s performance, however, has an unprecedented ‘unbiased character’ compared to the original score and thus remains very faithful to its brilliance. Additional color to the album is given by three shorter works by Dutilleux, Escher and Gárdonyi respectively. Van der Hoeven plays on a Chris Maene straight strung grand, an instrument that fully matches his crystal clear melody and balance. A compelling and severely personal album with an eccentric vision on Bach.