Lodewijk Crommelin


Different sounds, colours and impressions, that’s what this first CD of pianist Lodewijk Crommelin on the Dutch label 7 Mountain Records has to offer. Featuring works for solo piano, written around the year 1900; a vibrant time in music history full of new developments, resulting in never heard variation and suprises.

Next to compositions of Claude Debussy, Franz Liszt and Isaac Albéniz, pieces of the American composer Charles Griffes (less known as they should be) can be heard.

Liszt’ sparkling trills, dreamy sounds in Griffes’ ‘Clouds’, angry fortissimo’s in Fête-dieu à Seville (Albéniz), true Debussian beauty: a piano CD who displays deep love for playing the piano.



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Luister, March ’15: Idiomatic playing by Crommelin.’



1.Estampes: Pagodes (C. Debussy)
2.Estampes: La Soirée dans Grenade (C. Debussy)
3.Estampes: Jardins sous la Pluie (C. Debussy)
4.The Pleasure-Dome of Kubla Khan (C. Griffes)
5.Roman Sketches opus 7: The White Peacock (C. Griffes)
6.Roman Sketches opus 7: Nightfall (C. Griffes)
7.Roman Sketches opus 7: The Fountain of the Acqua Paola (C. Griffes)
8.Roman Sketches opus 7: Clouds (C. Griffes)
9.Années de Pèlerinage, 3ème Année: Les Jeux d’Eau à la Villa d’Este (F. Liszt)
10.Nuages Gris (F. Liszt)
11.Iberia - Book 1: Evocación (I. Albeniz)
12.Iberia - Book 1: El Puerto (I. Albeniz)
13.Iberia - Book 1: Fête-dieu à Seville (I. Albeniz)