Two Envelopes

Inner Phrases

7 Mountain Records warmly welcomes Two Envelopes, a lovely duo from Brussels, which releases their sought-after debut at us!

Two Envelopes might be the only active harpsichord – percussion group around, but the real unique thing about how these two sparkling musicians make music, is the sheer ability to energise this provocative combination of instruments. Incredible tight playing together, and an absurd amount of new combinations of sounds on Inner Phrases. The excitement of new music in a pure, hallucinatory fashion.

One could ask themselves why there isn’t much more debate for these two eccentric musical instruments, because they unite radiantly.


1.Lynched Franky: I. Prologue (Julia Emmery)
2.Lynched Franky: II. Lynched Franky (Julia Emmery)
3.Lynched Franky: III. Franky's Funeral (Julia Emmery)
4.Door de grond heen (Boris Bezemer)
5.Nichts als Trennung (Jesse Broekman)
6.Translucid V (Ruud Roelofsen)
7.The Beauty of Contradiction (Josh Trotter)