Ekaterina Levental

Anna Cramer: Int Holt

We’re very proud to release this first of two singles with multi-disciplinary mezzo-soprano/ harpist/ theater maker Ekaterina Levental. Whether she plays or sings, or sings ánd plays, she always leaves a lasting impression on her audience. Born in Uzbekistan, Ekaterina lives and works in Amsterdam.

Int Holt is a song by the Dutch composer Anna Cramer, who was born 150 years ago in Amsterdam. Anna was fascinated by the dialects and looked for a connection between sound and the meaning of the word. That is why she choose a poem by Klaus Groth, written in Low German. The poem describes the beauty of the forest (Int Holt), where you would like to lie when you are dead, silent and cold.

Anna’s exceptional talent has never really been recognized, but her music is unique and of a special quality that still appeals to you immediately. Anna lived in turbulent times and was vulnerable as a single woman. With her indomitability and stubbornness, she is a source of inspiration for Ekaterina.

Release date: 13 October