Kaspar Kröner

Kaleidoscope of Love

“The songs on this CD are like pieces of differently coloured glass. I put them in the kaleidoscope, and if you listen to the CD, you can experience all the many colours of love.”

Much like the device of the title, Kaspar Kröner’s debut CD ‘Kaleidoscope of love’ presents colours in many different forms. All taken from the English song repertoire, and covering a period from the 16th to the 20th century, these songs form a story of love. The songs cover the whole spectrum of love: from Dowland’s tearjerker ‘Flow my Tears’ to Vaughan Williams’ ‘Silent noon’. But colours come in many shapes: the CD also shows how three composers can give different colours to the same text: ‘Down by the Salley Gardens’. And there are the colours of the different accompanying instruments: the lute, played by Arjen Verhage, and the piano, played by Stewart Emerson. Finally, Kaspar shows all the colours a countertenor is capable of: from the Baroque of Thomas Campion to the Romanticism of Peter Warlock. All in all, 7MNTN is proud to present Kaspar Kröner’s very personal musical story.



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Opusklassiek, January ’16: ‘A very succesful recital, beautifully recorded.’


1.Down by the Salley Gardens (Herbert Hughes)
2.Flow my Tears (John Dowland)
3.The Singer (Ivor Gurney)
4.The Cloths of Heaven (Thomas Dunhill)
5.Linden Lea (Ralph Vaughan-Williams)
6.The Water Mill (Ralph Vaughan-Williams)
7.Say, Love, if ever thou didst find (John Dowland)
8.Silent Noon (Ralph Vaughan-Williams)
9.It was a Lover and his Lass (Gerald Finzi)
10.I care not for these Ladies (Thomas Campion)
11.Down by the Salley Gardens (Ivor Gurney)
12.All ye, whom Love or Fortune hath betray’d (John Dowland)
13.Sleep (Peter Warlock)
14.The Cloths of Heaven (Ivor Gurney)
15.I saw my Lady weep (John Dowland)
16.Heart’s Haven (Ralph Vaughan-Williams)
17.Come away, Death (Gerald Finzi)
18.In Darkness let me dwell (John Dowland)
19.Down by the Salley Gardens (Benjamin Britten)
20.Love’s Philosophy (Roger Quilter)