Duo Mader/Papandreopoulos

Lilith & Lulu

Andreas Mader & Christos Papandreopoulos form an astonishing musical duo: Duo Mader/Papandreopoulos. Their debut-CD, Lilith & Lulu, is a musical narrative about the femme fatale of Alban Berg (Lulu) and her mythical kinsperson Lilith.

This disk brings you a very charismatic and powerful program with composers all involved with one of these characters. Alban Berg, William Bolcom, Nadir Vassena and a commissioned (very exciting) piece by the Dutch composer Sam David Wamper explore the musical limits of the saxophone-/piano combination continuously. This young, Dutch-based duo achieves that with an ever-present amazing tone quality and endless energy.

A thrilling debut.



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5 stars @ Nederlands Dagblad, February ’19 (Dutch): ‘Silences on this CD are astounding, the interpretations exact.’

5 stars @ Pizzicato.nl, March ’19 (German): ‘Phenomenal control by Mader and together with Papandreopoulos a fascinatingly exciting interpretation.’ (links to site)

4 stars @ NRC, March ’19 (Dutch): ‘Amazing how much colors Papandreopoulos puts in a chord, flawless performance.’

Opusklassiek, March ’19 (Dutch): ‘Exceptionally illustrative and outstanding musicianship.’ (links to site)

Lilith & Lulu was CD-TIPP @ BR Klassik (links to site)

1.Lilith: I. The Female Demon (W. Bolcom)
2.Lilith: II. Succuba (W. Bolcom)
3.Lilith: III. Will'o the Whisp (W. Bolcom)
4.Lilith: IV. Child Stealer (W. Bolcom)
5.Lilith: V. Night Dance (W. Bolcom)
6.Nocturne I (N. Vassena)
7.Nocturne II (N. Vassena)
8.Portrait of Lilith (S.D. Wamper)
9.Vier Stücke Op.5: I. Mässig (A. Berg)
10.Vier Stücke Op.5: II. Sehr langsam (A. Berg)
11.Vier Stücke Op.5: III. Sehr rasch (A. Berg)
12.Vier Stücke Op.5: IV. Sehr langsam (A. Berg)
13.From: Symphonische Stücke aus der Oper Lulu: III. Lied der Lulu (A. Berg)
14.From: Symphonische Stücke aus der Oper Lulu: IV. Variations (A. Berg)