Oerknal Ensemble

narrow numerous

The Dutch-based Oerknal Ensemble celebrates it’s 5 year jubilee with an album we believe sounds like a… big bang. Narrow numerous brings you all new music partly commissioned for the ensemble or often performed by them past 5 years. Artistic leader Gregory Charette, together with 10 amazing international musicians, guides you with great passion through the haunting world of new classical music. Among: suffocating deep forest sounds in Nathan Heidelberger’s ‘Breather’, brutal virtuosic instrumental skills in Jason Eckardt’s ’16’ or the fascinating musical language of Jesse Broekman’s ‘Narrow numerous’.

We’re positive this debut album of Oerknal will give you a physical, visceral experience, just like we had during the creation of it.



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full 5 stars @ Dagblad van het Noorden

Opusklassiek.nl, December ’18: ‘A sublime production.” (links to opusklassiek.nl)

Music Emotion, December ’18: ‘Recommended for the adventurous listener. The recording is undoubtly of reference quality.’

1.Carnivalesque (iii) (Ashkan Behzadi)
2.Breather (Nathan Heidelberger)
3.Narrow, numerous: I. To measure the earth (Jesse Broekman)
4.Narrow, numerous: II. Recognizing all the movemtens of the body (Jesse Broekman)
5.Narrow, numerous: III. Arm, side, nearness to someone (Jesse Broekman)
6.Narrow, numerous: IV. Narrow, numerous (Jesse Broekman)
7.Narrow, numerous: V. Strange, alien, hostile; in the future (Jesse Broekman)
8.Narrow, numerous: VI. The figures that could not work in the procession (Jesse Broekman)
9.16 (Jason Eckardt)
10.Weg, Lied der Schwäne: I. Der Weg (Reiko Füting)
11.Weg, Lied der Schwäne: II. Das Lied (Reiko Füting)