No Filter

Our 10th release is upcoming: No Filter, the both fresh and warm sounding debut album of the lovely duo Saxyon! A fairly modern title for something that’s really old: just pure music making without ego and disguise.

Marijke Schröer and Ellen Zijm form the rarely heard duo of saxophone (soprano and alto) and accordion. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the unique blending and the duo’s fresh view to the true beauty of Frescobaldi’s and Bach’s music and the powerful and effortless approach of the 20th/ 21st Century compositions by Martinu, Lutoslawski, Mussorgsky and our Dutchman, Ad Wammes.

It’s the only active accordion-saxophone duo in the Netherlands by the way, and that leaves us puzzled why. Without any filter we can say: it sounds heavenly.



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4 stars @ Dagblad van het Noorden: ‘Beautiful duo sound, accordion and saxophone work together fantastically.’


1.Dance Preludes: I. Allegro molto (W. Lutoslawski)
2.Dance Preludes: II. Andantino (W. Lutoslawski)
3.Dance Preludes: III. Allegro giocoso (W. Lutoslawski)
4.Dance Preludes: IV. Andante (W. Lutoslawski)
5.Dance Preludes: V. Allegro molto (W. Lutoslawski)
6.Canzona II 'La Bernardina' (G. Frescobaldi)
7.Canzona III 'La Lucchesina' (G. Frescobaldi)
8.Film en Miniature, H.148: I. Tango (B. Martinu)
9.Film en Miniature, H.148: II. Scherzo (B. Martinu)
10.Film en Miniature, H.148: III. Berceuse (B. Martinu)
11.Film en Miniature, H.148: IV. Valse (B. Martinu)
12.Film en Miniature, H.148: V. Chanson (B. Martinu)
13.Film en Miniature, H.148: VI. Carillon (B. Martinu)
14.Pictures at an Exhibition: Il vecchio castello (M. Mussorgsky)
15.Trio Sonata No.1 in E-flat Major, BWV 525: I. Allegro moderato (J.S. Bach)
16.Trio Sonata No.1 in E-flat Major, BWV 525: II. Adagio (J.S. Bach)
17.Trio Sonata No.1 in E-flat Major, BWV 525: III. Allegro (J.S. Bach)
18.So Many Roads: I. Sunny Boulevard (A. Wammes)
19.So Many Roads: II. Memory Lane (A. Wammes)
20.So Many Roads: III. Hectic Highway (A. Wammes)