Maat Saxophone Quartet

No one is too small

With No one is too small, Maat Saxophone Quartet releases an album about an urgent matter: climate change. Maat SQ is regarded as one of the most adventurous saxophone quartets in the Netherlands. Their approach to this serious topic we all have to deal with is surprisingly lacking in despair and pessimism. No one is too small communicates the idea everyone is capable of working against the huge implications of temperature rise our planet is dealing with.

Six composers of present day display their view how we can achieve this: the necessity for collective, global change in the way we threat Mother Nature: Camiel Jansen, who has a background in jazz transforms anger into spirit; Ana Roque Antunes prioritizes the urgency with a tight compositional structure; Frieda Gustavs wrote an analogy about the bond between a mother and a child and how we threat our planet; Peter Vigh brings us the insight we’re probably so overly busy and occupied we loose focus about what’s truly much more important; Camila Menino uses the ‘disquiet’ bisbigliando compositional technique which creates a desire to create stability in the world; Luís Tinoco closes the album with slowly shifting harmonic progressions which raises the question: what will the future be like?

No one is too small is not an activistic musical statement but an attempt to inspire people to see that everyone can be part of better care of our surroundings. It’s a practice of love.

Release: 19 April 2024

Promo video:

Photo by Alina Fejza