Ekaterina Levental

Oh! Quand je dors

We proudly present you the seond of two singles with multi-disciplinary mezzo-soprano/ harpist/ theater maker Ekaterina Levental. Whether she plays or sings, or sings ánd plays, she always leaves a lasting impression on her audience. Born in Uzbekistan, Ekaterina lives and works in Amsterdam.

Franz Liszt’ Oh! Quand je dors is one of the highlights of the song repertoire and is one of Liszt’s most famous songs. It is based on a poem by the French romantic Victor Hugo, and is a call to transform into another reality in a shared dream.

Originally written for piano, it is now performed for the first time with the harp. The arpeggios on the harp give this song a whole new dreamy sound world. Voice and harp meet each other in tender long lines and invite the listener to dream and be carried away in fantasy and imagination.

Release date: 3 November