[uan] duo


ORIGINALS is a collaboration between the [uan] duo and six composers over the past two years and includes seven new pieces for two saxophones.

The pieces were commissioned by Hannah Koob (DE) and Nuno Silva (PT).

On the table was the proposal to create without restrictions, so that each composition could reflect the essence of each author.

The result is very diverse, from classical idioms to jazz, folk and minimal music. The rhythmic Toccatas and Interludes by Costa Rican composer José Mora-Jiménez form the common thread: the individual movements of this work, in which influence from the Hague school can be discerned, are’scattered’ across the album. Anda porí fraita by Camila Menino, who likes to experiment with tonality, sounds surreal and even haunting, while Flemish Eveline Vervliet, in her composition pursues mathematical perfectionism. Tension is still motion by Latvian composer Raivis Misjuns is light and spiritual. From Eduardo Cardinho, there are two works on the album: a jazzy and dashing piece and the tuneful Choral.

José Soares was inspired by his sense of the absence of time to write a poem that served as the basis for the play time:cloud.

Release: 26 January 2024