Belinfante Quartet

Parallel 40

Album description
Parallel 40
is an ode to discovery and connection, collecting and arranging music from many different countries and regions found along the 40th Parallel North. Starting in Menorca and heading east, for a full turn around the globe, the Belinfante Quartet will discover music from Menorca, Italy, Albania, Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, North Korea, Japan, the USA, Portugal and Spain.

From music by Terry Riley and Tan Dun to  the earliest known string quartets by Alessandro Scarlatti, Parallel 40 combines a vast array of music. As well as hearing several new and lesser-known works for string quartet, the Belinfante Quartet has composed and arranged many of the pieces, transforming the vivid and varied sound worlds of the folk music from countries along the Parallel into brand new works for string quartet. 

Parallel 40 aims to promote diversity and unity in classical music, creating a legacy which will inspire future generations of young artists and composers worldwide.

Physical- and digital album release: 23 February 2024

Available as a physical copy at e.g.
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Featuring musicians:
Olivia Scheepers: violin
Fiona Robertson: violin
Henrietta Hill: viola
Pau Marquès i Oleo: cello

Teaser video:

photo by Aina Visa Puig, Elsabeth Produccions