Perceived Reality

Perceived Reality is an enterprising and vivid visual album of the Dutch contemporary-music quintet Kluster5. Next to the music the album comprises a full-length film, forming a diptych about perceiving reality. How do we see ourselves? How do we want to be seen by others? Do we dare to let go of our self-image? Part 1 tells the story about a young woman seeking for affirmation and who looses herself in her own created phantom identity in the online world of social media. Electronic elements and classically played instruments are beautifully balanced in the musical language of composer Celia Swart, creating a mesmerising auditory trip. In part 2 a man travels back to his childhood in 1999 Tblisi, Georgia, discovering familiar places but also hidden memories…  The piece has its foundations in the voice recordings composer Alexandre Kordzaia found of himself when he was just five years old and living in post-soviet Georgia. Kordzaia casted all of this in a clever 11-movement composition ranging widely from 70s disco to very intimate duets of two purely acoustical instruments.

New music by two utmost different composers, played by the finest musicians around producing a unique musical reality. Perceived Reality is a visual album: a full-length video (available via scanning a QR code in the CD booklet, or via a paid link at the website of the ensemble: www.kluster5.nl/en/perceived-reality) has been created to protract the narrative of the compositions by a compelling visual journey.

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1.Elevation of Self-Validation: Act I (C. Swart)
2.Elevation of Self-Validation: Act II (C. Swart)
3.Elevation of Self-Validation: Act III (C. Swart)
4.Elevation of Self-Validation: Act IV (C. Swart)
5.1999 (Don't you wanna go?): I. Wake Up Aria no.1 (A. Kordzaia)
6.1999 (Don't you wanna go?): II. Radio Memories (A. Kordzaia)
7.1999 (Don't you wanna go?): Narration: Brunteti (A. Kordzaia)
8.1999 (Don't you wanna go?): III. Ik Chemi Megobrebi Cxowroben (My Friends Live There) (A. Kordzaia)
9.1999 (Don't you wanna go?): IV. Lullaby (A. Kordzaia)
10.1999 (Don't you wanna go?): V. Wake Up Aria no.2 (A. Kordzaia)
11.1999 (Don't you wanna go?): VI. Kidew Erti (Once More) (A. Kordzaia)
12.1999 (Don't you wanna go?): VII. Namcxwari Cxweba (Cake Is Getting Ready) (A. Kordzaia)
13.1999 (Don't you wanna go?): VIII. Lullaby Trap (A. Kordzaia)
14.1999 (Don't you wanna go?): IX. Bat On Wheels (A. Kordzaia)
15.1999 (Don't you wanna go?): X. Chandzari (House That Is Just On Fire) (A. Kordzaia)
16.1999 (Don't you wanna go?): Narration: Departure (A. Kordzaia)
17.1999 (Don't you wanna go?): XI. Sad Grendizer (A. Kordzaia)