Arthur Klaassens


We’re very pleased to bring you Ratio, an album on which oboe player Arthur Klaassens and  7MNTN producer Frerik de Jong have worked for nearly 5 years.
Ratio takes you on a musical oboe journey in a way you’ve possibly never had before: 40 instruments from the oboe family composing a polyphonic Renaissance choir, swaying rhythms with Steve Reich’s New York Counterpoint, impeccable instrument control with Berio’s legendary 7th Sequenza, Bach’s 2nd Violin Partita in a clever and freshly made multi-voiced setting. Commissioned specifically for this album, in close kinship with Klaassens, a haunting composition by one of the most proficient Dutch composers of now, Jesse Broekman.
Arthur Klaassens belongs to a new age of highly skilled oboe players in the Netherlands, but there’s a lot more to cover with this astonishing artist. The unusualy long production period was has been taken for compiling and recording own, incredibly refined arrangements never resounds in a technical listening experience, but primarily a coherent and very musical captivating one. Truly a rare and adventurous musical document is being presented with the oboe, and all it’s family members, in a golden spotlight.

Out 5 March 2021!
1.New York Counterpoint: I. Fast (Reich)
2.New York Counterpoint: II. Slow (Reich)
3.New York Counterpoint: III. Fast (Reich)
4.Sequenza VII per oboe solo (Berio)
5.Partita No.2 in D Minor BWV1004: I. Allemande (J.S. Bach)
6.Partita No.2 in D Minor BWV1004: II. Corrente (J.S. Bach)
7.Partita No.2 in D Minor BWV1004: III. Sarabande (J.S. Bach)
8.Partita No.2 in D Minor BWV1004: IV. Giga (J.S. Bach)
9.Partita No.2 in D Minor BWV1004: V. Ciaccona (J.S. Bach)
10.afwezige stemmen (Broekman)
11.Spem in alium (Tallis)