Katharine Dain & Sam Armstrong

Regards sur l'Infini

Challenging times called for something desirous. The COVID-19 pandemic lead soprano Katharine Dain (US) and pianist Sam Armstrong (UK) to immerse themselves deeply into the excessive musical world of Messiaen, Debussy and three robustly related other composers: Dutilleux, Delbos and Saariaho.

The majority of the program on this disc is written during a period on which the particular composer was facing daring circumstances. Like these two musicians were during the production of Regards sur l’Infini. ‘Views on the eternity’, having an outlook on the relief is an ever-present element on this album. Not able to pinpoint when a certain stressful era will end provoked us. We’ve consequently tried to relieve ourselves with a severe focus on our fascination about creating music. Just what the composers on this album did. And then, when it’s brought so heroic, resonant and immensely prepared and aware this duo does, music gives real freedom to the spirit.

Regards sur l’Infini has been rewarded with an 2021 Edison Award for the category ‘The Debut’

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1.Quatre Instants: III. Parfum de l'instant (Saariaho)
2.Chanson de la déportée (Dutilleux)
3.Proses lyriques: I. De rêve (Debussy)
4.Proses lyriques: II. De grève (Debussy)
5.L'âme en bourgeon: VIII. Ai-je tu t'appeler de l'ombre (Delbos)
6.Poèmes pour Mi: I. Action de grâces (Messiaen)
7.Poèmes pour Mi: II. Paysage (Messiaen)
8.Poèmes pour Mi: III. La maison (Messiaen)
9.Poèmes pour Mi: IV. Épouvante (Messiaen)
10.Poèmes pour Mi: V. L'épouse (Messiaen)
11.Poèmes pour Mi: VI. Ta voix (Messiaen)
12.Poèmes pour Mi: VII. Les deux guerriers (Messiaen)
13.Poèmes pour Mi: VIII. Le collier (Messiaen)
14.Poèmes pour Mi: IX. Prière exaucée (Messiaen)
15.L'âme en bourgeon: I. Dors (Delbos)
16.Proses lyriques: III. De fleurs (Debussy)
17.Proses lyriques: IV. De soir (Debussy)
18.Quatre mélodies: III. Regards sur l'Infini (Dutilleux)
19.Il pleut (Saariaho)