Maat Saxophone Quartet


Renascer means ‘reborn’ in Portuguese and is the title of the second album of the Portuguese/Dutch Maat Saxophone Quartet. Main figure is the iconic Portuguese guitar player Carlos Paredes who’s being honoured by arrangements of his music and the attendance of guitarist António Carlos Costa. The arrangements are done by Maat Saxophone Quartet and the program is being completed by new compositions, which are provoking as well as very touching, by Arnold Marinissen (NL), Nuno Lobo, Alejandro Erlich Oliva and Hugo Correia (PT).

Renascer fuses the warm tradition of Fado music with the excitement of contemporary compositions, played by one of the most united saxophone quartets in the Netherlands and with the addition of the mesmerising character of the historic Portuguese guitar. The resounding result is a carefully balanced musical presentation of repertoire that’s very dear and personal to the musicians themselves.

António forms a memorable addition to the saxophone group on this disc. He plays on a traditional fado guitar and improvises, underpins, roars and blends in a fascinating (not often-heard) manner with the wind instruments. Maat is a scorching group; the loveliest musicians which are capable of mesmerising musicianship. We are truly proud to have two of their albums in our catalogue!

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1.Moinho (A. Carlos Costa/ D. Ferreira)
2.Hungry, thirsty (A. Marinissen)
4.Sede e Morte (C. Paredes/ D. Ferreira)
5.Pantomima (N. Lobo)
6.Renascer (A. Carlos Costa/ D. Ferreira)
7.Swingando Saudade (H. Correia)
8.Verdes Anos (A. Carlos Costa/ D. Ferreira)
9.Incerteza (A. Carlos Costa/ D. Ferreira)
10.Fado Moliceiro (C. Paredes/ D. Ferreira)
11.Tributo a Carlos Paredes (A. Erlich Oliva)