Saxyon is a Dutch duo by Ellen Zijm (accordion) and Marijke Schröer (saxophone). Good chance you’ve rarely heard this combination of instruments, which is a shame, because it is a beautiful one.

Both musicians are incredibly busy, of course with Saxyon (their debut album No Filter is released on 7MNTN in November ’17) but also with playing in renowned ensembles like the Dutch Saxophone Octet, Melisma Saxophone Quartet, Insomnio and the Asko/Schönberg- ensemble.

The duo loves to seek for new music (which can be from any musical period) and they play in all kinds of concert settings and for all kinds of audiences. Saxyon has proudly played a great amount of concerts for the ‘LiveMusicNow’ foundation, which has set itself the goal of organising concerts for audiences that cannot come to concert halls for whatever reason.

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