Alistair Sung

Shared Space

Meet Shared Space, possibly one of our most provocating productions so far.

Alistair Sung (’87) is an extremely broadly talented classical cellist with a frenzied project: Shared Space. Live electronics programmed by himself and four striking contemporary composers/producers, accompanied by his classical cello playing and recorded in a church. Executed with extreme skill and reproduced through speakers and captured in audiophile quality in a lavish acoustic environment. Sung did not look for the perfection that technology can offer today with sampling and other audio post-production, but rather for the frayed edges and small imperfections that can provide humanity to the combination of an acoustic instrument and electronics. Shared Space is about the exchange of ideas and sounds, between composer and player, player and electronics, electronics and church acoustics and between him and you as a listener. An adventurous debut album that will repeatedly reveal new layers and internal storylines.


1.Pale Landscape: Movement I (Q. Naqvi)
2.Pale Landscape: Movement II (Q. Naqvi)
3.Pale Landscape: Movement III (Q. Naqvi)
4.Sawtooth (M. Kliphuis)
5.Cross Current (A. Sung)
6.Tunnelvision (M. Joyce)
7.Shattered Canon No.2 (A. Strootman)