Floris Mijnders & Jelger Blanken


Proudly we present you Spezl (Bavarian for ‘comradeship’), a sonorous and lively 7MNTN album from the high-regarded musicians Floris Mijnders and Jelger Blanken. The performers’ close musical friendship echos that of the composers whose works they present here: Richard Strauss and Ludwig Thuille.

Strauss and Thuille remained close friends throughout their lives, studying together and sharing musical ideas. While Strauss achieved worldwide recognition as a composer, Thuille is remembered mainly as a professor of music theory and composition. This duo offers an irresistible combination: fierce & tender playing from Mijnders, complemented affectionately and sensitively by Blanken. But as in any friendship, this duo also challenges and questions each others’ musical decisions, sparking an inspired, musical dialogue.

The summation is sparkling and joyful musicality, together with extraordinary ease and craftsmanship. Allow yourself getting embraced by the rich sonority and beguiling, intimate sound-worl of this duo!

Out 12 February 2021

1.Cello Sonata in F Major Op.6: I. Allegro con brio (R. Strauss)
2.Cello Sonata in F Major Op.6: II. Andante ma non troppo (R. Strauss)
3.Cello Sonata in F Major Op.6: III. Finale (R. Strauss)
4.Stimmungbilder Op.9-2: An einsamer Quelle (arr) (R. Strauss)
5.Cello Sonata in D Minor Op.22: I. Allegro energico (L. Thuille)
6.Cello Sonata in D Minor Op.22: II. Adagio (L. Thuille)
7.Cello Sonata in D Minor Op.22: III. Finale (L. Thuille)
8.Acht Gedichte aus 'Letzte Blätter' Op.10-3: Die Nacht (R.Strauss)