Sterre Konijn

Sterre Konijn has built up a versatile concert practice with her great interest in music, language and theater. Sterre studied classical singing, has a master’s degree in Music Theater and learned all the possibilities of the voice during her training at the Danish Complete Vocal Institute. She also studied Italian and Art History in Amsterdam and Rome.

Sterre sings from French chanson to Bulgarian folk music, from jazz to classical avant-garde, she plays in musical theater productions and also plays the violin, theremin and duduk. In recent years she has focused on the border area of music and theater and has composed music for several theater performances. Her first album One, released at 7MNTN also features her compositions in a theatrical context.

You could see Sterre shining in the sky above Florence, in the bicycle tunnel under the Rijksmuseum and in Brug9 over an Amsterdam canal, but also in the Concertgebouw, Carré and Paradiso. Sterre won the Concours de la Chanson Alliance Française and was heard and seen on radio 4, Podium Witteman, Vrije Geluiden, De Wereld Draait Door and broadcaster Max.

Photo credits: Merlijn Doomernik