Kyeong Ham


With true delight we present you Kyeong Ham’s debut album Tawo! Kyeong is being associated with the new generation of world-class oboe-players, and yes we think he’s a truly remarkable musician.

Yeol Eum Son, also from South-Corea and also a performer with breathtaking agility and artistry, joined Kyeong on this sparkling disc full of new and legitimately challenging music for this combination. Tawo’s an album which has a rare density in many respects. An almost unstoppable amount of energy, rhythmical spectacle and never-heard consonances between piano and oboe.

Hope we can persuade you to immerse yourself with this fine debut!

1.Concertino for Solo Oboe and Piano Accompaniment: I. Allegro giocoso (Skalkottas)
2.Concertino for Solo Oboe and Piano Accompaniment: II. Pastorale (Skalkottas)
3.Concertino for Solo Oboe and Piano Accompaniment: III. Rondo (Skalkottas)
4.Cinq pièces pour le hautbois: I. La cigale et la fourmie (Doráti)
5.Cinq pièces pour le hautbois: II. Lettre d'amour (Doráti)
6.Cinq pièces pour le hautbois: III. Fugue à trois voix (Doráti)
7.Cinq pièces pour le hautbois: IV. Berceuse (Doráti)
8.Cinq pièces pour le hautbois: V. Légerdemain (Doráti)
9.The Garden of Follies: I. Spandrels (Norman)
10.The Garden of Follies: II. Crossed Paths (Norman)
11.The Garden of Follies: III. Blue Mountain Thoughts (Norman)
12.The Garden of Follies: V. Regarding Crystals (Norman)
13.Sonata for Oboe and Piano: I. Munter (Hindemith)
14.Sonata for Oboe and Piano: II. Sehr langsam (Hindemith)
15.Second Meeting (Salonen)
16.Suita for Oboe and Piano, Op.17: I. Furioso (Haas)
17.Suita for Oboe and Piano, Op.17: II. Con fuoco (Haas)
18.Suita for Oboe and Piano, Op.17: III. Moderato (Haas)