Steuart Pincombe

The cello in my life

Steuart Pincombe is an artist one safely can argue he’s fearless. The combination of elements is self explanatory why we make this bold statement: 1) gut strings on his anonymous, roaring 18th Century German or French cello, 2) that’s also tuned a fair bit lower than modern tradition, 3) stunningly daring and refined repertoire by Helmut Lachenmann, Iannis Xenakis, Morton Feldman, Domenico Galli and J.S. Bach’s famous (but by no means easygoing) 5th Suite, 4) recorded in a very fine but very cold little church at the Dutch countryside. The result is a mysterious kind of enchantment and Steuart’s narrative skills don’t leave any questions why this young cellist from Missouri (US) is so cherished by colleagues and music lovers.

The cello in my life. The title probably appears to be simple, but listening to Steuart transfers you to his personal life in a way not many musicians dare to do.

The cello in my life has been rewarded with an 2021 Edison Award for the category ‘The Discovery’

1.Suite V in C minor BWV 1011: I. Prelude (Bach)
2.Suite V in C minor BWV 1011: II. Allemande (Bach)
3.Suite V in C minor BWV 1011: III. Courante (Bach)
4.Suite V in C minor BWV 1011: IV. Sarabande (Bach)
5.Suite V in C minor BWV 1011: V. Gavotte I & II (Bach)
6.Suite V in C minor BWV 1011: VI. Gigue (Bach)
7.Sonata VI in F major: I. Adagio (Galli)
8.Sonata VI in F major: II. Allegro (Galli)
9.Sonata VI in F major: III. Andante-Vivace (Galli)
10.Sonata VI in F major: IV. Giga (Galli)
11.Projection 1 (Feldman)
12.Intersection 4 (Feldman)
13.Pression (Lachenmann)
14.Kottos (Xenakis)