Lucia Swarts

The Italian Origins of the Violoncello

“I wanted to showcase the cello music of the second half of the 17th century: the earliest solo music for the cello. One of my aims is to emancipate little-known music pieces. There is so much more to be heard that people don’t know about!”

Lulier, Gabrieli, Jacchini, Bononcini and Scarlatti: Lucia Swarts proudly presents an overview of the first solo works ever written for cello. Listen and be amazed by the versatility of writing for the cello in the late 17th century, brought to life by Lucia Swarts’ careful and energetic performances. Too seldom these wonderful works are heard, that stem from a period when the cello had just been invented. Aside from solo works, the CD contains several other highlights of the earliest cello repertoire, in which Lucia works together with long-time collaborators and renowned fellow musicians Richte van der Meer (cello), Johannette Zomer (soprano) and Siebe Henstra (harpsichord). 7MNTN is very happy to present not just Lucia’s story, but the story of a lifetime of extraordinary musical collaboration.



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4 stars @ De Volkskrant, March ’16: ‘Lovely narrative tension bows, dignified sound from her instrument.’

Opusklassiek, January ’16: ‘Technical craftmenship is unparalleled. The recording sounds as transparant as glass, but warm and perfectly in balance.’

1.Sonata in G major, op. 3/9 (G.M. Jacchini)
2.Sonata in B flat major, op 1/7 (G.M. Jacchini)
3.Ricercar I in G minor (D. Gabrielli)
4.Sonata in G major (D. Gabrielli)
6.Ricercar III in D major (D. Gabrielli)
7.Sonata in A minor, op. 1/8 (G.M. Jacchini)
8.Ricercar V in C major (D. Gabrielli)
9.Sonata in C major, op. 3/10 (G.M. Jacchini)
10.I. Recitative ‘Amor di che tu vuoi ch’ora io favelli’ (G.L. Lulier)
11.II. Aria ‘I begli occhi del mio bene vincon tutte le belta’ (G.L. Lulier)
12.III. Recitative ‘Non vi stupite, Amanti, se talor voi mirate' (G.L. Lulier)
13.IV. Aria ‘Quelle luci son due stelle’ (G.L. Lulier)
14.V. Recitative ‘Occhi leggiadri e belli’ (G.L. Lulier)
15.VI. Aria ‘Mirate le mie piaghe’ (G.L. Lulier)
16.Sonata I in D minor (A. Scarlatti)
17.Sonata II in C minor (A. Scarlatti)
18.Sonata III in C major (A. Scarlatti)
19.Aria ‘Pur ti riveggio ancor’ (from: La nemica d`Amore fatta amante) (G. Bononcini)
20.Sonata in A minor (G. Bononcini)