Maria Fiselier + Peter Nilsson

To go into the Unknown

How many young artists dare to place Ivor Gurney and Herbert Howells, two relatively unknown English composers, as the central figures on their first CD? Maria Fiselier is one. She dares to travel into the unknown, and brings us heart-breaking songs from the English song repertoire. Accompanied by accomplished pianist Peter Nilsson, she challenges listeners to come with her into unexplored territory, where beautiful songs wait to be discovered. Complemented by songs by Benjamin Britten, ‘To go into the unknown’ is a wonderful collection of English songs.

“I knew that I needed to sing this repertoire. All these songs are pieces of music that people should know about, that they should hear. I sincerely hope that I can bring this music for the limelight.” (Maria Fiselier)



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Luister, March ’15: ‘Maria belongs to one of the most promising talents in the Netherlands right now.’

1.In Flanders (I. Gurney)
2.Even such is Time (I. Gurney)
3.By a Bierside (I. Gurney)
4.Most Holy Night (I. Gurney)
5.Sleep (I. Gurney)
6.Lights Out (I. Gurney)
7.On the Downs (I. Gurney)
8.Severn Meadows (I. Gurney)
9.Desire in Spring (I. Gurney)
10.The Fiddler of Dooney (I. Gurney)
11.Come sing and dance (H. Howells)
12.The Widow Bird (H. Howells)
13.A Madrigal (H. Howells)
14.There was a Maiden (H. Howells)
15.King David (H. Howells)
16.The Trees they grow so high (B. Britten)
17.Avenging and bright (B. Britten)
18.There’s none to soothe (B. Britten)
19.How sweet the Answer (B. Britten)
20.The Plough Boy (B. Britten)
21.Tell me the Truth about Love (B. Britten)
22.Funeral Blues (B. Britten)
23.Johnny (B. Britten)
24.Calypso (B. Britten)