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With true pride we present Toonzetters: an album comprising no less than 20 composers, who’re all aged in their twenties and who all wrote a 3-minute composition for the (combination of) piano four- or two hands and/or percussion. The resounding result is a straightforward kaleidoscopic auditory portret of what’s on the mind of the new generation of composers in The Netherlands. What’s truly magical, the album (which came as a result of an extensive concert tour) does feel like a continuous musical narrative. Quite an achievement by artistic leader Primo-Ish Hurwitz, the composer who came up with this masterplan. The pieces are as full range as virtually possible, for instance a solo piano piece with only a single octave of lonely but very touching notes (Celia Swart – Loosing) on the one side, and a fully electronic, very expansive soundscape (Dimitri Geelhoed – IJsjager) on the other side, or the infectious Persian musical language of Ramin Amin Tafreshi against the clean and very clever Zoekspiegel by composer Arjan Linker.

Performed by 4 stunning musicians (Shane van Neerden, Ramon van Engelenhoven, Agostinho Sequeira and Arjan Jongsma) and recorded with the utmost care 7 Mountain Records became known for.

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